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Extracting clean audio samples from DonkeyKong / 8035

Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:05 pm

Im trying to capture audio samples of Donkey Kong arcade version for reproduction in a microcontroller project. (both music + effects)

I'd rather not resort to capturing raw mame audio samples for the following reasons:
-They take KB of data each
-Sampling errors arise when recording from mame playback, plus everything collapsed to mono.
-Sound effects are not separated from background music .

For the music samples, I've been able to find some midi versions for later home consoles, which are nice and lightweight,
but concerned they may not be an accurate composition.

Has anyone had any luck identifying, any song note table or digital sample resources in the DK rom set?
Ive listed to binary dumps of 3i, 3j roms, on the off chance I hear something, but I suspect it's all produced algorithmically in the engine.

It would even be very helpful, if there's a spot in the code where the audio streams are generated separately before mixing, as then I could
get separated sound effects from music.

Any tips appreciated.

PS. Sorry for any duplicates, search function here seems to be timing out.

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Re: Extracting clean audio samples from DonkeyKong / 8035

Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:01 pm

Some of the DK sound is synthesized in software by the 8035 and output to a DAC. Some of it's generated by purpose-built analog circuitry that the 8035 triggers. The only thing that's a sample in the ROMs is the gorilla roar, and that's stored in some bespoke compression format. You should look at src/mame/audio/dkong.cpp for details.

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