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MAME 0.179 has been released!

Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:17 pm

Are you getting fidgety waiting for Halloween to arrive? Well now you can take your mind off the wait by giving the brand-new MAME release a spin! We've changed the release slightly this month: the whatsnew file is formatted differently, the 32-bit Windows binary package has "32bit" in its filename, and we're no longer providing a pre-built debug binary package for Windows. We've dropped the debug binaries as they don't seem to have a target demographic. All builds include the MAME debugger. The release packages are built with symbols that will give a meaningful stack trace. The debug build was still optimised, so stack traces were no more precise. The main difference is that debug builds have assertions enabled which is mainly useful if you're working on the source. In short, we don't see a use case where someone would be better off with the debug build if they aren't compiling MAME themselves anyway.

With that out of the way, what surprises does MAME have in store for you all this month? We're pretty confident that we have something for everyone! First of all, we're proud to present the Soviet arcade game Istrebiteli ("Fighters", as in aircraft). We've also emulated Ocean to Ocean, an early video slots game on the DECO Cassette system. ShouTime has worked his magic again, allowing the masses to see the rare Alpha Denshi title Splendor Blast II. But possibly most interesting is preliminary emulation of the Magnet arcade system, a prototype floppy disk-based system from Spain.

We've also added a number of non-arcade systems. There's the Gakken Game Robot 9 handheld game, and several Fidelity chess systems. Getting away from games altogether, we've added a working driver for a VeriFone Trans payment terminal. There have been some substantial updates to the software lists, too. The Sega CD software list has been completely updated to use the latest and best dumps known to exist, we've replaced a number of pirate Apple II disk images with clean cracks, there are some notable additions to the Sharp X68000 floppy list, and even an obscene Pokémon hack for Game Boy that's being sold in China.

As always, there isn't enough space to cover everything here, so so why not check out the whatsnew.txt file, or head straight for the download page and try it out.
- Stiletto

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Re: MAME 0.179 has been released!

Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:18 pm

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
  • 03045: [Interface] Cannot create INI for individual game when the game and the driver share the same name (Robbbert)
  • 06404: [Graphics] (namcona1.cpp) emeralda: Visible area too small (Angelo Salese)
  • 06391: [Crash/Freeze] (bnstars.cpp) bnstars1: Emulator hang & crash (Osso)
  • 06110: [Documentation] (nbmj8688.cpp) kaguya2f: wrong year is listed (system11)
  • 06338: [DIP/Input] (mz2000.cpp) mz2000, mz2200: Mistakes in current keyboard matrix emulation and missing keys ! (AJR)
  • 05006: [Graphics] (gb.cpp) gameboy [f1race]: Corrupted graphics (racetrack not lined up) (Wilbert Pol)
New working machines
  • Fidelity Designer 2000 [yovan]
  • Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 2100 [hap, anonymous]
  • Istrebiteli [IgorR76, MetalliC]
  • Splendor Blast II [ShouTime]
  • Ocean to Ocean (Medal) (DECO Cassette MD) (No 10 / Ver 1 Japan) [Joseph, the Game Preservation Society, David Haywood]
  • Mahjong Senpu [system11, David Haywood]
  • Super Two In One [Edstrom, David Haywood]
  • Canon Multi 8 [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Gakken Game Robot 9/Mego Fabulous Fred [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • VeriFone Tranz POS terminal [Ryan Holtz]
New working clones
  • Dead Or Alive 2 [defor]
  • Bombjack Twin (prototype? with adult pictures, set 2) [Sugoi Helsinki]
  • Ocean to Ocean (Medal) (DECO Cassette MD) (No 10 / Ver 6 US) [Joseph, the Game Preservation Society, David Haywood]
  • Splendor Blast (set 2) [Stefan Lindberg]
  • Splendor Blast (set 3) [caius, robotype]
  • Lady Maker [system11]
  • Demon's World / Horror Story (set 2) [Sugoi Helsinki]
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Asia 4 Players, version ?) [Abelardo Vidal, The Dumping Union]
  • Greyhound Electronics Poker (Version 50.02 ICB, set 4) [any]
  • UniWar S (Karateco) [MASH]
  • Video Hustler (bootleg, set 3) [f205v]
  • Fidelity Sensory 9 Playmatic S [anonymous]
  • Fidelity The Excellence (model 6080) [hap, yovan]
  • Fidelity The Excellence (model EP12) [anonymous]
  • Fidelity The Par Excellence (model 6083) [anonymous]
Machines promoted to working
Clones promoted to working
  • Power Drift (Japan, Link Version) [Angelo Salese]
  • Tatakae Genshizin Joe & Mac (Japan, bootleg) [AJR]
  • Fidelity Elite A/S Challenger [hap]
New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
  • Big Casino [Guru]
  • Crazy Dou Di Zhu II [Guru, Dyq, Bnathan]
  • Tarzan Chuang Tian Guan (V109C, set 1) [Guru, Dyq, Bnathan]
  • Time Scanner (TS 2.0, Magnet System, prototype) [David Haywood, Ricky2001, ArcadeHacker, IFW]
  • Exzisus (EX 1.0, Magnet System, prototype) [David Haywood, Ricky2001, ArcadeHacker, IFW]
  • Xain'd Sleena (SC 3.0, Magnet System, prototype) [David Haywood, Ricky2001, ArcadeHacker, IFW]
  • Puzzle Yutnori [system11, David Haywood]
  • Grande Fratello (Ver. 1.7) [f205v]
  • Ron Jan [system11]
  • Super Triv Quiz I [any]
  • Humlan's Lyckohjul (Sweden, Ver. 402) [Edstrom, Robert Quenet]
  • Aceex 2814 modem [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
  • Akai AX80 [Arashikage, R. Belmont]
  • Burroughs EF315-I220 teller terminal (ANZ) [Vas Crabb]
New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
  • Stargate (rev.5) [PinMAME]
  • Wing War R360 [Ordyne, The Dumping Union]
New WORKING software list additions
  • gameboy.xml: Pokemon - Cock Version (Bootleg) [Zeipher]
  • apple1.xml: Wumpus, Extended Monitor [Dagarman]
  • apple2.xml:
    ProDOS v2.4.1 [John Brooks]
    Gumball, Jumpman, Tapper [4am]
    UniDOS 3.3 Plus v2.0.1, UniDOS Plus v2.1
    Gamemaker, Hardball, The Heist, Law of the West, Master of the Lamps, Paper Models - The
    Christmas Kit, Pipe Dream, Portal, Racter, Rambo First Blood II, Shanghai, Where in Time
    is Carmen Sandiego v1.1 [TRex]
  • apple2gs.xml:
    UniDOS 3.3 Plus v2.0.1, UniDOS Plus v2.1
    Thexder v1, Cribbage King / Gin King v1.01 [TRex]
  • segacd.xml: rewritten replacing many sets with more well-documented dumps [FakeShemp]
  • snes.xml: update for various redumped games [Alex Jackson, byuu]
  • x68k_flop.xml:
    Blade of The Great Elements (Test Version), Phalanx (Sample Version), Mahjong Gensoukyoku
    II - Mahjong Fantasia -The 2nd Stage The World of X68000 - Formula X, The World of X68000 -
    Fortress Attack & GJ, The World of X68000 - Logic Rush & Ah! Ohimesama!, The World of
    X68000 II - C Ryoku Kensa, The World of X68000 II - Cynthia, The World of X68000 II -
    Rush! & Useful, The World of X68000 II - T-94X [Wayder]
New NOT_WORKING software list additions
  • x68k_flop.xml:
    Login Disk & Book Series - X68000 Kessaku Game-sen
Source Changes

Code: Select all

-aristmk5: Fixed missing ARISTOCRAT_MK5_BIOS defines addition. [MASH] -core: Proposed for new system flags for 0.179 dev-cycle: [Angelo Salese] * MACHINE_NODEVICE_MICROPHONE For unemulated microphone; * MACHINE_NODEVICE_CAMERA For unemulated camera; * MACHINE_NODEVICE_PRINTER For unemulated printer * MACHINE_NODEVICE_LAN For unemulated linking multi-cabinet capabilities; * MACHINE_NODEVICE_WAN For unemulated networking capabilities; * Restructured MACHINE_FLAGS into FATAL/WARNING/BTANB main categories, in order to make them easier to expose. -sh2: Added stub bus/sci/wdt devices for sh7604. [Angelo Salese] * This also fixes Daytona USA CE for Sega Saturn. -cischeat: Various input related bug-fixes to Wild Pilot [Angelo Salese] * Changed lightgun to an AD-stick. * Added player 2 inputs. * Fixed bogus start button starting a play even without a coin inserted. -mjsenpu: Added mahjong panel. [Angelo Salese] -core: Added new string conversion overloads [a|w|t|utf8]_from_[a|w|t|utf8_]string(xyz.c_str()) [Nathan Woods] -imgtool: Various changes and modernizations: [Nathan Woods] * Mac: Fixed an unsigned overflow error that would causes crashes on 64 bit systems. * Fixed a bug that could cause module's close() callback to be invoked if an image failed to open or be created. * C++-ified imgtool_partition, imgtool_image, imgtool_stream, others. * Converted a number of pointers to references. * Made use of std functionality where possible. -coco: Changed to use required_ioport_array and optional_ioport [Nathan Woods] -omv1000: Removed second joystick. [einstein95] -6809: Fixed disassembly when core is interrupted mid-instruction. [smf] -core: Ensured all CPUs export STATE_GENPCBASE and use safe_pcbase() for everything in the debugger, which allows interruptible CPUs to work properly. [smf] -pc: Fixed 16-bit audio in diagnose.exe for the Sound Blaster 16. [smf] * The fix replaces the lowest bit of the page with the upper bit of the address, in the case of a 128k DMA. * This applies to the southbridge, cs4031, wd7600, ngen, and at devices. -ide: Added "headphones" to ATAPI CD-ROM drives. [smf] -ay8910: Implemented upper address check. [smf] * Not configurable at present, but chips could be ordered from the factory with IDs other than 0. -chdman: Fixed addmeta --valuefile by calling the correct write_metadata. [smf] -dac: Started documenting the various DACs in use. [smf] * ataxx: Fixed missing sound channel caused by one DAC not being hooked up and one DAC being hooked up to two addresses. * bestbest: Fixed high pitch screech caused by incorrect addressing (two DACs weren't hooked up and two were hooked up to two addresses). * cchasm: Fixed static noise generation caused by feeding the same bit to both DACs. * cheekyms: Slightly improved sound by implementing sound triggers as 8x1-bit DACs instead of 1x8-bit DAC. * galeb: Fixed sound by implementing it according to & implemented enough of LOAD/SAVE to stop it hanging. * hard drivin: (all games in driver) Improved 12-bit controls, although centre still goes out of sync. * mea8000: Converted to a sound device. * megaphx: Fixed noisy samples due to wrong format. * microvsn: Fixed sound pitch caused by incorrect usage of write_signed8(). * seicross: Changed to a 4-bit DAC as samples are packed nibble. * spaceg: Preliminary sound using space invaders samples. *suna8: Changed to a 4-bit DAC as samples are packed nibble. * vcombat: Fixed static during machine gun fire due to incorrect dc offset removal. * vectrex: Fixed noisy samples due to wrong format. wheelfir: Fixed sound, EEPROM & analogue steering wheel and brake pedal. -osd: Fixed several small issues in HLSL/BGFX. [Jezze] * Fixed target texture dimension when -intoverscan is used (this fixes the appereance of scanlines and shadow mask) * Added target_scale and screen_count uniforms * Rounded corners now remain aligned with screen bounds when -intoverscan is used (single screen only) -d3d9: Fixed null reference exception when toggling from fullscreen to window mode [Jezze] -d3d9: Disabled clearing render targets in several passes to reduce draw time, all texels are written with opaque anyway. [Jezze] -d3d9/bgfx: Reduced defocus effect to one pass and capped defocus strength to 2.0. [Jezze] -norautp: Added PROM, PAL and updated PCB layout for bjpoker [Guru] -various: Fixed various spelling errors. [Jordi Mallach] -various: Fixed various things in certain mahjong drivers. [system11] * homedata: Added information about board types. * nbmj8688: Corrected kaguya*, secolove DIP switches and added DIP locations to all games. * nbmj8891: Fixed or improved DIP switches in hanamomo and scandal. * nbmj9195: Improved renaiclb and gal10ren DIP switches. * niyanpai: Fixed 4psimasy DIP switches. * niyanpai: Fixed mhhonban year and company. * srmp6: Added DIP locations. * ssv: Fixed hypreac2 DIP switches. * mjsister: Fixed DIP switches. -ninjakd2.cpp: Replaced mnight with World version, Kawakus license now mnightj [frsj8112, system11] -hp9845: Various changes: [F.Ulivi] * Moved hp9845b_state class into a separate file. * Refactored handling of irq/sts/flg bits to allow for adding I/O slots. * Added I/O slots. * Implemented HP98035 RTC card. -hphybrid: Fixed indirect EXE instruction [F.Ulivi] -neogeo: Redumped irrmaze V2 ROM and fixed ROM loading. [Brian Hargrove, Razoola] -model1: Made wingwar360 not crash on startup. [David Haywood] * Currently hangs after you insert coins waiting for the safety bar to lower. * Collisions in wingwar are broken since recent changes to swa. -model1: Fixed enough to get netmerc to boot, though there are many issues still and it is unplayable. [David Haywood] -model1: Made render list scanning code safer by masking accesses to the RAM size and using less pointer math. [David Haywood] -mjsenpu: Hooked up payout buttons and a hopper [David Haywood] -decocass: Tagged all sets as US / Japan based on which BIOS type they use (A = Japan, B = US/World). [David Haywood] -decocass: Made the different BIOS ROMs selectable and added Ocean to Ocean. [David Haywood] -cmi2x: Fixed envelope terminal flag diagnostic. [Ryan Holtz] -6840ptm: Changed WRITE8 to WRITE_LINE for single-bit outputs. [Ryan Holtz] -cmi2x: Fixed MAST/TIM diagnostic test. [Ryan Holtz] -v1050: Fixed 8214 PICU hookup and promoted back to working. [Ryan Holtz] -tranz330: Added partially working driver for the VeriFone Tranz 330 point of sale terminal. [Ryan Holtz] * Modem is not currently emulated, but it can be interacted with in a meaningful way and configured. -ds1386: Added Dallas DS1386-8K and DS1386-32K timekeepers (largely untested). [Ryan Holtz] -ie15: Improved performance by using a timer to determine hblank. [Ryan Holtz] -rainbow: Various changes: [Bavarese] * Fixed medium resolution mode. * Added first incarnation of Color Graphics Option for Rainbow-100 B. * Note: Highres and vector mode still have unfixed bugs. -Added clickable buttons to a few Midway layouts and cleaned up some code. [Risugami] -seattle: Added layout for San Francisco Rush [Risugami] -mjsister: A few input fixups [AJR] * Identified the difficulty DIP switches. * Added some non-DIP inputs for service mode. -cninjabl2: Add sprites, changed title; promoted to WORKING with known problems [AJR] -witch: Fixed the code handling the "Hopper Active" DSW; no longer must it be low [AJR] -core: Misc. keyboard input improvements [AJR] * Add BS, Tab, 00, 000 keys common on add-on keypads as input items; SDL may recognize these, but DirectInput does not * Assign Keypad 00 and Keypad 000 in several drivers' input lists * Add SDL keycode for "cancel" key * Add keypad keys as alternates to natural keyboard -core: Soft resets no longer turn back clocks on devices [AJR] * Give RTCs their own phase of machine initialization, right after NVRAM loading * Make RTC feature flag overrides const, including one new one * Make rtc_clock_updated a required override -ui: Parenthesize optional items in input menus [AJR] -amusco: Various improvements; promoted to WORKING [AJR] * Figured inputs out almost completely * Added blinking cursor for service mode * Hacked coins into working due to broken IRQ timings * Palette is in need of improvement * mc6845: Added readback for cursor blink state * pit8253: Eliminated device name from logging messages -Added row size as sixth parameter to debug dump command [AJR] -zodiac: Changed input type to keyboard [AJR] * Added PORT_CHARs * Added notes on physical button layout -mz80b, mz2000: Various minor changes [AJR] * Moved MZ-80B to mz2000.cpp driver (emulation remains non-working) * Overhauled character layouts, creating separate configurations for European and Japanese keyboards (MT #6338) * Added GRPH characters and kana to key names -octopus: Various changes: [Barry Rodewald] * Added on-board serial comms controller. * Added serial vector ports. * Fix extended RAM, made 256k the default. * Inverted IRQ signal from RTC. * Added Centronics parallel port. * Added software list. -x68k: Added IPL ROM dumped from an early X68000 CZ-600CE, made default for the X68000. [The Dumping Union, Barry Rodewald] -linenoise: Fixed build with Visual Studio ('and' isn't supported). [dankan1890] -mac: Rewrote audio output for original Macs to work like hardware. [R. Belmont] -osd: Incorporated product/instance DirectInput device IDs. This should allow better disambiguation of devices. [Tomer Verona] -sms: Fixed Out Run sound in FM mode. [Enik Land] -core: Added swpath. Allows users to specify location of loose software. [Robbbert] -rc702: fixed ctc interrupt. [Robbbert] -accexx: Started skeleton driver for 1995 Accexx 28.8 modem. [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] -z80scc: Various improvements [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] * Added support for shift left/right modes in zbus_r and zbus_w. * Improved variant handling including some incomplete read register maps. * Added external CTS and DCD interrupts. * Improved device reset values. * Added SWI acknowledge command. * Improved/fixed handling of WR9, RR2, RR3. * Added WR7' register. * Improved Tx handling, added Tx FIFO including special case with 1 slot Tx FIFO for NMOS and CMOS. -z80scc: IACK and reset improvements [Joakim Larsson Edstrom] * Added IACK by reading RR2 * Made z80daisy_iack return -1 when no vector found or disabled through the WR9 VIS. * Removed z80daisy_reti code to match SCC documentation. * Removed defacto reset values where possible and replaced them with documented SCC reset values. -8530scc: Fixed typo (allows System 7 to boot on Mac drivers, and fixes X68000 mouse) [CharlesJS] -s3: Replaced Pinball sound ROMs with game specific sound dumps [barakandl] * Williams System 3/4 Pinballs affected: World Cup, Contact, Disco Fever and Phoenix -es5506: Various fixes [Christian Brunschen] * Fixed readback of global registers when the current page was in a certain range. * Made voices run for a zero-length loop, as real hardware does it and synthesizers rely on it. * These changes fix the playback of "Transwaves" on the VFX and SD-series synths. -stv: Added Taiwan 97/05/15 v1.14 BIOS [Corrado Tomaselli] -hiscore.dat: Updates [Leezer] -8042kbdc: Fixed keyboard on SGI Indy/Indigo 2 driver. [Carl] -mcr: Redumped dpoker sound ROMs. [Sean Rider] -core: Use standard uint64_t, uint32_t, uint16_t or uint8_t instead of UINT64, UINT32, UINT16 or UINT8 [Miodrag Milanovic * Also use standard int64_t, int32_t, int16_t or int8_t instead of INT64, INT32, INT16 or INT8. -Fixed alt-enter full screen toggling on SDL (Linux/Mac/BSD) builds. [Hans Ostermeyer]
- Stiletto

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