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FM Towns IC Memory Cards

Added support for the FM Towns IC Memory Cards, which are PCMCIA SRAM cards that connect to the system's PCMCIA slot.


To allow it to be used in MS-DOS, TownsOS or Windows95, you must add the DOS device driver to config.sys in the OS disk's root folder. You can use Notepad, the Towns OS text editor, or EDLIN (MS-DOS 6.2 doesn't include QBasic/MS-DOS editor), to add the line DEVICE=\DOS\TMICM.SYS /U0 (MS-DOS or Win95), or DEVICE=\SYS\TICM.SYS /U0 (TownsOS).
You can create a blank memory card from MAME's File Manager, and format it with TMICMFMT.EXE (or TICMFMT.EXE on TownsOS).
Syntax is T(M)ICMFMT <drive:> /S<size in kB)
So, if the Memory Card is drive E:, and you want to format it all, enter at a command prompt TMICMFMT E: /S16384

Important notes: This is limited to 16MB for now, as I have no software that allows the full 64MB to be used to test it with. If anyone knows of any FMT software/drivers that will do this, please let me know.
Also, Win95 does not like the older versions of TMICM.SYS, so it's a good idea to copy the versions of TMICM.SYS and TMICMFMT.EXE from the Win95 CD. They are located in Q:\Drivers\Towns\Icmemory\.

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