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MAMEDEV Forum • MESS Artwork update 07/01/2016
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MESS Artwork update 07/01/2016

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:18 am
by Stiletto
Hey folks,
The MESS Artwork page has received an update today!

NOTE: Practically all of the "required" handheld artwork files are no longer needed in your artwork folder as of MAME 0.173 and above, because they are now bundled with the ROMs! But in case you haven't updated your ROMs yet or if you're still trying to maintain a slightly older version of MAME, they're still online - for now. If you still need these, look in the "Discontinued Required Artwork" section.

What's New:
- Replaced/added the following handheld game artworks with the help of hap, Rik, OG, kevtris, etc.: Donkey Kong (Coleco), Galaxy II (VFD Rev. B) (Epoch), Galaxy II (VFD Rev. D) (Epoch), Gradius (handheld) (Konami), Lone Ranger (handheld) (Konami), Pac Man 2 (Entex, cyan Pacman), Pac Man 2 (Entex, red Pacman), Ultraman Monster Battle (Bandai)
- Added Bad A Billy & Nightvoice's Dungeons & Dragons - Computer Labyrinth Game (Mattel) artwork
- Added Jonah1976's Lynx (Atari) artwork.
- Added Nightvoice's Tron (Tomy) alternate artwork.
- Updated DAT and (MAMEUI) INI files.

To Be Done:
- Replace and add the new Artwork Preview snaps.

With the return of Mr. Do, it's possible this may be one of the last times that myself or AntoPISA updates this page.

Yes, I'm well aware there's no longer such thing as MESS. Another reason why we're happy Mr. Do has returned.

- Stiletto