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Discord Channel for MAME Development?

Just curious why there isn't a Discord channel for such? I'd love to be able to give my thoughts and findings on the TMS34010 emulation which needs improvement. I've got over 4 years and over 10k lines of code writing assembly for this processor and it would be a shame not to share what I've learned with developers who aim to improve the accuracy of emulation.

Many errors I see don't hinder emulation success, but they do tend cause crashes on real hardware even though it will run fine emulated. I think this is due to not taking into account the actual resources of the hardware.

If anyone is interested, you can contact me at or find me on my project's Discord channel @

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Re: Discord Channel for MAME Development?

Hi ZPaul2Fresh8, we don't have a Discord but we do have IRC:

Feel free to go to #mame-dev on Freenode to give your thoughts and findings. (You must be registered on Freenode to talk there.)

Aside from that, there's plenty of other ways to send us thoughts and findings, including Github issues/pull requests, this forum, MAMETesters, and our contact page:
- Stiletto

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