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MAME newb, a few questions here...

Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:53 am

i'm in no way a hardcore cabinet enthusiast, i'm just wanting to casually play some arcade classics from my childhood that never got the full 100% home port treatment, most notably NBA Jam, Killer Instinct, lethal enforcers (PS1 port used the sega cd ST instead of the arcade sound) to name a few.

so here is my first question. i can't change the controls for keyboard input within MAME without it getting confused 2 or 3 controls in down, and not allowing me to input anymore. i want to set basically everything as null, except for the buttons that correspond to player 1 for the game. is there a notpad .ini file that i can edit instead? that would be much easier. if so, where is it exactly or is there a template to include it in an existing .ini?

light gun games: i want to have the mouse left click shoot, is that governed by a certain button in the controls? couldn't figure that out. i had lethal enforcers going, and i was moving the cursor around, but i couldn't find the shoot button :(

next question. can i instead just set a ps4 or xb1 controller to work instead of a keyboard? that would be even more fun and more relaxing than being hunched over a keyboard.

next question: is there a typical way to get to a games dipswitch screen? i want to change difficulty, and audio options, and see what else can be changed in the game itself, i know like Mortal Kombat had some pretty extensive settings to change. how would one access that area of the rom?

i guess that's all i need to know for now. that would pretty much get me going where i need to be. thanks!

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Re: MAME newb, a few questions here...

Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:44 pm

about lightgun game:
you can attend -mouse to the commandline,
e.g. mame64 lethalen -mouse
will play Lethal Enforcers (ver UAE, 111992 1504) with mouse

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