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Lightgun modification

Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:52 pm

I recently bought an Aimtrak gun that basically acts like a mouse device (like a Wiimote). However, my MAME cabinet has the monitor tilted back so I am unable to calibrate properly. Basically, the setup acts like the screen is trapezoidal where the crosshairs are perfect in the top left and right corners but are off by an inch at the bottom corners. I have already spoken to the maker and he cannot correct

So I was thinking I could modify MAME to add a mouse/light gun calibration to correct for my issues. I know how to program so I think this will be a neat challenge. However, I am just beginning to look at the code and I was hoping to get pointers on where the raw mouse inputs are captured for light gun games.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Now off to get my build environment up and running.

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