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Zeus/MK4 drivers improvements in MAME

Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:36 pm

Dear, Devs

Since the great work of revers-engineering the undocumented Zeus hardware and implementing it in Mame, the MK community has enjoyed the nostalgia of seeing the arcade version of MK4 running in MAME (special thanks to Aaron Giles and everyone else involved)!

The arcade version really stands out over the home ports as its graphics are much better (higher polygon counts , rendering effects etc) and it's simply THE version that the MK4 arcade players have grown up with and recognize.

Unfortunately the current Zeus drivers don't represent the game in its full glory yet.
For example there are many lighting/particle effects unemulated that really improve the game and can make the game feel from an old crude quick project to a polished modern high-profile game.

The following screenshots will give an impression of the missing effects:

Here is also a short comparison video I've made as well:

The whole MK community would love to see a more complete MK4 driver someday that could render the game in its full glory.

We hope this information can help and spark some interest and if we can help, let us know.

Best regards,
ded on behalf of the MK community (;

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