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Re: MAME 0.180 64-bit - Win Pro 10 64 - Mame wont load

Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:41 pm


Whilst playing around with video settings I changed 'switchres' value to 1 which allowed Mame to run from desktop with
poor resolution in UI and 'in game'

Switched value back to 0 and Mame starts and runs perfectly from Win10 GUI to Full Screen Mame UI even after rebooting ...

odd ?!

That fact that there was no mame.ini file in any of my unzipped Mame directorys is also odd ?

switchres 0


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Re: MAME 0.180 64-bit - Win Pro 10 64 - Mame wont load

Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:05 pm

Understanding all the options that are in mame.ini is a powerful resource. You can quickly change different options rather easily and then you can see what MAME does with those changes.

Keep in mind there's different video modes you can use as well (gdi, d3d, opengl, bgfx)

I myself have a decent GFX card (Nvidia GTX 970) So I can run MAME with bgfx and hlsl shader chain. It looks very nice with a lot of games.

Code: Select all

# OSD VIDEO OPTIONS # video bgfx numscreens 1 window 0 maximize 1 waitvsync 0 syncrefresh 0 monitorprovider auto

Code: Select all

# BGFX POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # bgfx_path bgfx bgfx_backend auto bgfx_debug 0 bgfx_screen_chains hlsl bgfx_shadow_mask slot-mask.png bgfx_avi_name auto

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