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About the NightSlashers in Mame...

Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:35 pm

Hello everyone, and salutations from Spain. My question it's about the Night Slashers game and he's emulation. Firstly I would like said it's "sorry for my English, it's horrible, I know, jeje but I try to explain better I can. How I put in my introduction I like to know about this game, concrete about his emulation, it's perfect right now? I mean, few years ago 5 or 6 more or less I played in Mame this game, and I think the music it's not the same of the arcade. Remember when I played the original game in the machine and the music sound more heavy, more guitars, more drums, ( I recorded with a friend using a recorder when I played try no do more things to listen later in ours Walkmans better they can jajaja). In the Mame sound more synthetizer, there's no guitar anyplace, well it's my perception, it's possible I mistake and the sound it's the same than the original. It's possible someone help me to tell me something about this?. Adore this game, and now I like show my son I play with him.
So many thanks everyone to try lose his time answer me.
Greetings for all.

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