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XML output documentation

Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:39 am


Is there any documentation on the XML output of the -listxml command?

I'm writing code for juggling and organizing ROM sets and am trying to sort out what some of the attributes mean and their relationships, which can have parents/samples etc.

Any pointers on cloneof, romof, isbios, isdevice and their implications would be useful. Is a biosset a way of labelling a pile of ROMs that have to be loaded together alongside any other ROMs from that machine not labelled with a bios attribute?

How does the standard MAME GUI decide what constitutes a "working" set? By standard I mean the Linux GUI for 0.183 installed from c.falco's ppa for Ubuntu.

MAME 0.183 shows 11,741 / 34,045 working and there are 34,045 driver elements in the XML. A brief dig in the front end source seems to map MACHINE_NOT_WORKING to emulation="preliminary" but grepping for emulation good or imperfect gives me 11,780 not 11,741, unless I screwed up the grep which is possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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