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Please help a MAME newbie

Could you give me some advice on a few things?

1. I have my XBOX One controller connected to my computer and am using it to play MAME. On some games like 10yd Fight and Elevator Action, it works great. On other games like Donkey Kong, Popeye, and Burgertime, it doesn't work very well at all. The characters perform in juts and spurts, not fluid at all.

2. I am using MAME .184, but I have a bunch of files of fliers, marquees, cabinets, etc, from an older version. I can't figure out where to put these in the new version to make them work.

3. I know I can't play most Laser Disc games, but can't I play CHD games like Area51 and NFL Blitz? I have the CHD files for these games in the ROM folder. But they never work. I have Cliffhanger's CHD in the rom folder and it works great.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Please help a MAME newbie

I'm not sure if I can be of any help, but here's a try :

1. If the games (using latest official Mame) play correctly with the mouse/keyboard on your computer, but not all of them with your XBOX One controller, then this may be an issue with the controller, and it may be a bug in Mame. You could consider filing a bug report for it over at Although it could turn out that no-one is able to reproduce and/or debug the issue because of they don't own an XBOX One controller. Please mention the Mame version you are using, the controller you are using (and what version of it, if applicable) and what game(s) the issue is and isnt with. Attaching the cfg file you have in the 'ctrlr' subdir for your XBOX One controller to the report may be of additional help.

2. Not sure. I always thought the the marquees should go in a subdir called marquees, the cabinets in a subdir called cabinets, etc.

3. It appears that Area51 and NFL Blitz should work with the latest Mame release. I believe the roms go in the roms subdir, and the CHD files for these games in a subdir of the roms dir. So for example the Area 51 CHDs should go in roms/a51site4, if I understand correctly. If this does not work, in what way do they not work ? Does the game fail to start ? Do you get an error message ? Does the game start, but is it unplayable in some way ? Cannot insert coins ? Keyboard/mouse doesnt work ? Etc.

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