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mamehooker and mame 0.185 - MAMEDEV Forum
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mamehooker and mame 0.185

hi there
mame 0.185 is my first experience ,
is outputs possible without the need of mamehooker ?
if yes how can i intercept signals ? LPT or network ?

i tried mame0.185 and mamehooker don't get any signals from mame ,is this normal ?

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Re: mamehooker and mame 0.185

Hi. Since this essentially appears to be a question about 'MAME Hooker' (I never heard of it, had to google), you may have better luck getting your questions answered by contacting the author instead.

http://dragonking.arcadecontrols.com/st ... mamehooker

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Re: mamehooker and mame 0.185

MAME Hooker. Funny name. lol

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