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Issues with mulitple monitors using numscreen

Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:51 pm

Yesterday and today I've been messing around with MAME on both of my multiple monitor computers and I'm seeing a serious bug with how it works compared to how I've seen it work in the past.
1st on my basement PC which is 6 monitors 4 are landscape and 2 are portrait if I set numscreen to 2 and the displays to the correct screens the game will be on one screen and the other will be blank this doesn't change no matter what monitor I use both screens will be effected by MAME but the game will only be on one of them setting the numscreen higher also does the same thing just with more black monitors and the game only on one of them. In the past I've set numscreen to 2 and had the game display on both monitors. I was just testing this downstairs and didn't have a controller even setup so I didn't try to play anything so I don't know if the same strange behavior I'm seeing on my bedroom PC is also happening on the basement setup.
My upstairs PC is 2 monitors one in portrait the other in landscape if I set numscreen to 2 in the ini and launch it shows on the portrait monitor and blackens the landscape one but if you begin playing on the portrait monitor it flashes and shows the landscape version superimposed on the portrait monitor although the landscape monitor stays black.
This forum doesn't seem to get much traffic is this the official MAME forum where you can report bugs or is there a better place I can discuss this with someone.

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Re: Issues with mulitple monitors using numscreen

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