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Re: I need basic help with MAME - NES - Genesis, thank you.

Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:13 am

hhisc29926 wrote:
Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:13 pm
--- I have been using unzipped files with M.A.M.E. (with extensions such as ".nes", ".smc", ".bin", ".cue", ".cdi", ".sfc", ".gb", ".gba", ".sg", and others) and they all work (unless I have not placed the B.I.O.S. for that console/system in the "roms" folder of M.A.M.E., but N.E.S. and Genesis do not need B.I.O.S.). I still do not understand why the game files have to be compressed (".zip" or ".7z").
Well like I have said twice already in my previous posts, and you have discovered for yourself: The files do not *have* to be in a compressed zipfile, but they *can* be. I suspect the reason they can be a zip file is because they take up less space because of the compression, and the entire collection of hardware/software supported by MAME/MESS is *huge*, so it makes sense to make it take up less disk space by compressing it. Also, I find it to be a more elegant solution to have a bunch of zipfiles instead of all these subdirs with files, but that's just a matter of personal taste.
hhisc29926 wrote:
Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:13 pm
--- The quality of the image for the console games I have used with M.A.M.E. is not as good as that of the console emulators (for examples, FCEUX or Kega Fusion), is there any way to make it better? (for example, the color is faded/washed-out, and the worst quality is with the N.E.S. games). I have used the consoles themselves with the television, and the color is much better than that of M.A.M.E., so I do not understand why that happens if one of the main purposes of M.A.M.E. is "accuracy".
Re-read my earlier post. I said I wasn't sure, but that it *could* be for 'accuracy' reasons and it *could* also be due to the multiple graphical 'effects' MAME allows for in it's configuration, like for example an effect that makes a modern day LCD screen look like an old CRT monitor. You can look up the details for those options in the MAME documentation, and play around with them for a while to see if that improves things.
hhisc29926 wrote:
Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:13 pm
--- Do I always have to use the command window to run console games with M.A.M.E.? (if we are in the Windows era, why do we have to do things in D.O.S.?).
Again, something I already said in an earlier post: Perhaps you are better off with a (easy, limited) Graphical User Interface (GUI) so you can just start that and then click on the game to play it. I only know of MAMEUI, MESSUI, IV/Play, and QMC2, but there are lots of others. Try a few, and see which ones you like/don't like.
hhisc29926 wrote:
Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:13 pm
--- When I type mame64 nes -cart and drag the game file there, why does the path to the game have to be inside quotaion marks? (can it be without the quotation marks?).
This has to do with: 1. The way the commandline interprets commands, and the options for those commands (options/arguments are separated by spaces), and 2. The fact that directory names are allowed to have spaces in them. Now if your directories are *without* spaces, you can do *without* the quotes and do:

mame64 genesis -cart C:\software\megadriv\

But if your directories *do* have spaces, you *do* have to use the quotes:

mame64 genesis -cart "C:\This Is My Software\megadriv\"

Because if you would *leave out* the quotes when your directories *do* have spaces in them, the commandline will interpret the parts of the path that are separated by spaces as seperate options; in the last example the directory would incorrectly be interpreted as "C:\This", with "Is", "My", and "Software\megadriv\" as seperate options.

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