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How do I determine what MAME version I have? - MAMEDEV Forum
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How do I determine what MAME version I have?

I'm new to this forum, but I've been running MAME since 2006.

I built my MAME Cabinet in 2006 and enjoyed many years of gaming.
Last year, I decided to rebuild my Arcade Cabinet, new Computer, Monitor, Control panel and all new software and front-end (HyperSpin).
My old ROM Set was 0.104 and worked great.
With my rebuild, I'm upgrading everything, so I got a new ROM set that is almost 3 times the number of games in the set (and much larger), but I've looked and can't determine what MAME version it is. I really don't need the latest and greatest Roms, but I've read that my MAME version needs to match my ROM set.
The zip files all have a create date of 6/8/2010, is this how I determine the version?
Would I use mame0139s.zip (11 Aug 2010)? (how do I get a NoNag, HiScore version?) I know I will want a x64 version (yes, my computer is x64)

Thanks for your help, excited about getting back into this after a couple year hiatus)

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Re: How do I determine what MAME version I have?


By reading your post, I guess you mean 'how do I determine what MAME.exe version goes with the romset I currently have', and not 'what MAME version is the mame.exe binary I currently have' ? I don't think there is any way to determine that, your best bet is probably by going to the place where you got the romset and see if they say anything about what MAME version it is for. (If I have misread your question, a way to determine what MAME.exe version you are running is by opening a command prompt and typing 'mame.exe -?', and it will tell you what version it is. Or by double clicking the binary, and it will tell you the version at the top of the screen.)

You may not need the 'latest and greatest', but it is probably easier to get a MAME version and matching romset for the latest release than for something older than that ?

When you refer to a 'NoNag' version, if you mean the 'game info' screen that appears for every game, then you can turn that off in your mame.ini (skip_gameinfo). On the other hand, if you want to skip the WARNINGS that the emulation of a given machine/game is currently imperfect/incorrect (and *only* appears when the emulation is known to be imperfect/incorrect), then there is no way you can turn that off in any official MAME version. The very real reason for this is that the MAME developers explicitly want you to know when the emulation currently is known to not be correct, so that for example you do not submit bug reports for 'imperfect graphics' when the game is *known* not to have perfect graphics at that point (because the emulation is incomplete).

As for saving the highscore, you can turn on 'highscore.dat' support through the MAME interface: double-click the official mame binary and select the option near the menu at the bottom that says "Plugins", and then change "High Scores" to "ON" and exit out of MAME.

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Re: How do I determine what MAME version I have?

Thank You! and yes, what version of my Rom Set so I can install the appropriate MAME version.

I'll go back to the Source, but don't recall it identified there, but will check again.

It's been a while since I've done this, so I'm kind of re-learning a lot.
Couldn't remember if there was a Tool developed that could identify the date or version.

Also Thank You for the information regarding the No Nag and Hi Score settings. I had forgotten that. The YouTube I watched stated that he was running a No Nag / Hi Score version of MAME, but didn't say how that was accomplished. This makes sense.

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