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Killer Instinct discussion

I'd rather discuss on here an oddity I've noticed in mame when compared to some pcb videos I've seen on youtube. It's a small oddity, so I'm not making a bug report of it since I'm not too sure of the cause. In the emulation, when knocking people off Orchid's stage, the fall sequence itself is never completely smooth. I made two videos to show what's happening:

Video 1:

Video 2:

In both videos, there's a hiccup in the fall sequence, more of them in video 2, that appear to not happen whatsoever on an actual pcb. This is a recording from spacemx showing various characters being knocked off through various means:

I initially thought lack of hard disk loading\lack of wait states similar to how the attract sequence guitar riff doesn't play correctly, but as I played with the sliders (increasing\decreasing cpu speed), it appeared to be tied to when the framerate changes ingame.

Any opinions?

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