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<mymame>.ini hack: The Dirty Hex Bits

Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:12 am

// Google search:
// "<mymame>.ini not working" or "i want two MAME versions in one folder"

Dear friends,
It does work. This is not an error on part of MAME DEVs, but as seen from view of
a computer programmist. You would change target name in makefile of source.

Code: Select all

fndef TARGET TARGET = mame endif ifndef SUBTARGET SUBTARGET = $(TARGET) endif
/* Ok? That's the correct way... <--- But Aleks, compiling makes my liver quiver.
...and now, for the quick and dirty way. :lol: deep breath. */
[1] In your old and faithful .\mame folder, leave it alone, for now.
[2] Download that shiny new MAME binary, with that fresh-code-smell.
[3] Extract it into a folder you have full ownership of (and i can't stress that enough).
[5] Fire up your favorite hex editor, and open MAME.EXE inside.
[6] Search for 4D 41 4D 45 00 6D 61 6D 65, as hex string. // MAME[ ]mame
[7] Change (over-write, not insert) yellow highlighted to this:
[8] Save file [Alt], [F], [S], close editor, and rename saved file to MAME2.EXE.
[9] Are you still with me? Copy MAME2.EXE into your old .\mame folder.
[10] From there, run mame2 -createconfig
If all went well, you should now see MAME2.INI file. For extra points, copy or
create any new folders, that were not part of your older MAME version, and add another
named BIOS. Edit rompath settings, in both .INI files, to read roms;bios or roms;roms2;bios
, if you want to split them up. This may look long, but it's easy.
I hope you enjoyed. Удачи (oo•da•chi means good luck).
- Aleksandr
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Re: <mymame>.ini hack: The Dirty Hex Bits

Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:42 pm

This is much easier to achieve if you use command line parameters, because these take precedence over the main config file "mame.ini".
Most config options present in mame.ini can be overridden with parameters when executing the mame binary. So no need for multiple mame.ini files. Instead you can create launchers with specific options for your different needs.

You can have two or more windows shortcuts with different parameters (on windows) or Apple automator script launchers (in macOS) or aliases on Linux for accomplishing this task.

I am using this approach because i use two different mame configurations; one for Arcade only games with the internal UI, and other with a full romset for old computers and vintage things. I override default rom path with two different launchers using the option "-rompath" so i can omit the folder of bios files for computers when i want to play arcade so all these bios do not appear as entries in the rom list, making it more clean with less useless entries.

Have a look at mame parameters here: ... e-all.html

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Re: <mymame>.ini hack: The Dirty Hex Bits

Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:07 am

[1] Key word here is IF, and IF that works for you, fine.
[2] There is nothing wrong with over-riding MAME.INI, but first time user doesn't,
or runs MAME without shoehorn, that will bugger settings. This removes that worry.
[3] A one-time patch, so adding extra commands or launchers per game is not easier.
[4] Topic is about having two MAME versions in same folder, not how to tweek one or two
options in only one .INI file. Global options should never be merged (not supported).
[5] If you exclude BIOS files using "-rompath", machines requiring them will stop working,
so that statement is false and misleading. List filters are already part of UI settings.
[6] This is a MAME forum, and as per rules, it is not for posting about software addons,
launchers, or other off topic script kiddie changes you made in your frontend.
[7] And last, because this is a very delicate matter around here, BIOS Listings, ROM Info,
and Warnings are not useless parts of this project. Calling any of them into question is
an insult to MAME's Development Team.
- Aleksandr Borisovich Melnikov

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Re: <mymame>.ini hack: The Dirty Hex Bits

Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:37 pm

wtf hilarious nonsense is that answer. You didn´t understand any written point from my side.

If you think it´s better to hex edit mame binary instead of using parameters keep it for you.

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Re: <mymame>.ini hack: The Dirty Hex Bits

Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:42 pm

Unless you can show cause, as to why something doesn't work,
you have no grounds for posting otherwise.
However, your worthless tripe contains false information.
Anyone reading this forum will see you've spent all your time
unjustifiably contradicting threads with malicious intent.
Thank you for trolling.
Now, go away.

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Re: <mymame>.ini hack: The Dirty Hex Bits

Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:06 pm

That harassing attitude is totally unneeded. We are not enemies.

I can debate with you the topic hex editting mame vs using command line parameters, but not with that attitude. This is a help forum after all and ideas are debated, not fighted.

Sure you can have multiple mame.ini files doing that hex edit method, which is, let´s say "peculiar". In my opinion you can achieve almost the same goals using parameters, which override the main mame.ini file. So i´m suggesting a different approach to your idea/need, not criticize it.

The "rompath" parameter example i exposed is, as the name implies is a generic example to illustrate the concept. Any parameter that figures in mame.ini can be chosen for another example. This does not implies that machines will stop working if you choose the right folders depending of your setup. In my personal computer i have two uses for mame; Arcade only list with the internal UI and another MESS like with machines like at486 or cpc6128 used directly from the terminal. So i think my example is perfectly valid.

I don´t get your [6] point, which mentions software addons, launchers or changes to a frontend. I never mentioned anything remotely similar. I use only official SDLmame stable.

Point [7] in your answer is also something not related to anything i´ve wrote. I never questioned anything. I only set specific mame settings with different parameters, using only one binary file and only one mame.ini file. I used the word "useless" because i do not need certain roms in a Arcade only session. You misunderstood that sentence. Let´s say better "unneeded"

We can have different opinions and a sane debate can happen. I´ve using MAME and MESS since ages, so i think i can propose ideas, suggest solutions and help new users. I do not see any post written by me with false information or with malicious intents, so i´ll appreciate that do not accuse me again.

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Re: <mymame>.ini hack: The Dirty Hex Bits

Sat Feb 16, 2019 2:50 pm

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