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neogeo works on qmc2 in Linux

Mame 0.206 's installed on Arch Linux.
I also have some neogeo game rom and bios, which are same place, /home/user/.mame/roms.
These neogeo game are not started, I thought roms 's something wrong.
But I installed qmc2 and just configured romes path in qmc option.
Surprisingly..neogeo games work well.

I think qmc2 just provide gui interface and also use same mame installed.
why neogeo game doesn't start in mame..
I just want to use mame interface to controll UI with joystick.
Any idea?

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Re: neogeo works on qmc2 in Linux

Does MAME give an error message when you run it from the commandline ? If so, that might provide some insight into what is going wrong here.

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