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What command line options do I have to pass to MAME in order to run a game:

- in native resolution


- in full screen


- NOT stretched to fill the whole screen: so black borders around the native resolution if monitor's resolution is higher then game's native resolution.

So I'm looking for the command line options and the -video output needed to do this.


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Re: native resolution full screen


I must be missing something obvious here, but... isn't that the default behavior ? What results do you get when you run this:

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mame64 -noreadconfig pacman
For me, I then get a non-stretched full-screen (not windowed) 'original game resolution', including artwork if you have them. (If you have the art but still don't want to show it, I guess you could point your artpath to something that doesn't have any art, for example adding:)

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-artpath c:\
Does this get you what you are looking for ? If so, you need to look at some options in your mame.ini and change them. If not, I have no idea what else to try.

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