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Apple II Mockingboard speech support

Is anyone already working on supporting the SC-01 or SSI-263 chips for use with the Mockingboard driver for Apple II?
Does support for the SC-01 or SSI-263 already exist in MAME? If so, can you point me in the right direction?


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Re: Apple II Mockingboard speech support

To my knowledge there currently no speech support yet for Votrax type SC-01 or SSI-263 (aka SC-02) speech chips. There is an emulation in MAME for SC-01 but it needs a lot of work yet to function as expected which is likely a reason it wasn't implemented in this slot device for Apple 2. The only mockingboard instance I see pre-installed the Apple 2 family of machines in MAME only has the dual General Instruments AY-3-891x PSG (Slot 4). I'm sure that after eventually the plan is to add the valid speech chip emulations.

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