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parameter -artpath issue


after changing from Mame 0.220 x64 to Mame 0.221 x64 my custom artwork will not load by using the parameter -artpath. For games which share one artwork I usually start Mame with the parameter -artpath (for example -artpath "artwork\Bezel_3_4" for all games with 3:4 screens). The folder "Bezel_3_4" contains the bezels as png-files and a custom "default.cfg" file.

Until the previous version this worked for me without problems. For games which uses their own artwork folders (folder name is the same as rom name) Mame will load it without problem.

Has something changed for the parameter in the actual Mame version and how I have to set up the emulator so it will load the artwork?

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Re: parameter -artpath issue

It was “working” for you due to a bug in the implementation of the override_artwork and fallback_artwork options that had been present since these options were added. The bug was fixed in the MAME 0.221 development cycle. You should use these options to select artwork. The artpath option is for setting the artwork search path.

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