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Atlant Olimpic

This Italian hack of Track and Field has the same damn speech as the 1983 Hyper Olympic bootleg! They released Atlant in 1996 to coincide with the Olympics and just reused a 13 year old game, only adding a few extra graphics (beards for the men and new badly-drawn female athletes). I can't understand why the 1983 game is 60K while the 1996 game is 220K. They use the same exact hardware. Those hacked graphics can't account for all that extra space. However, Atlant has a continue option the original game didn't have. Also, the 3-button setup has been changed to left-right joystick and 1 button, which makes the game much easier. I actually made it to High Jump in Atlant Olimpic, something that's very hard to do in the earlier game!

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