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Air Walkers

I played this game for the first time today, and I don't understand why it's marked as not working. It runs slow because Model 2 emulation isn't optimized in MAME, but I played a full 4-quarter game (plus halftime show with mascot), and everything seemed OK except for graphics being a bit shaky mainly on the sidelines. It's a never-released prototype, so maybe graphics weren't perfect anyway. It's fun, looks great, the sneaker squeaks on the floorboards are awesome, and it plays better than some other games that are marked as working in MAME. Not working doesn't always mean not playable. As a sidenote, Desert Tank also plays well even though it's also marked as not working, plus it runs a bit faster than other early Model 2 games like Daytona and Virtua Cop because it uses less hardware.

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