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CHD Format & Feature Request

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:20 pm
by inukaze
Hi there, i am Inukaze From Venezuela, Slackware(64) 14.2 User. right now i had an old version of MAME ( i don't remember the last time i upgrade MAME ) but i see the latest version needs GCC +17. i know by the moment is not supported on my distro.

i still using MAME 0.214. i am trying to understand how i can use every option of « chdman » where is a documentation ? , can include of practical examples ?

i had try to do the follow in the terminal :

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cd /tmp git clone
Clonando en 'mame'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 189, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (189/189), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (185/185), done.
remote: Total 1098013 (delta 15), reused 17 (delta 4), pack-reused 1097824
Recibiendo objetos: 100% (1098013/1098013), 1.15 GiB | 3.00 KiB/s, listo.
Resolviendo deltas: 100% (924453/924453), listo.
Revisando archivos: 100% (34533/34533), listo.

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Last 7 Lines of Output :

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Compressing src/mame/layout/sc4cabin.lay... Compressing src/mame/layout/sc4chick.lay... Compressing src/mame/layout/m5grush.lay... Compressing src/mame/layout/tritreat.lay... GCC version 7.0 or later needed makefile:1382: fallo en las instrucciones para el objetivo 'build/projects/sdl/mamearcade/gmake-linux/Makefile' make: *** [build/projects/sdl/mamearcade/gmake-linux/Makefile] Error 255
Slackware(64) 14.2 use : GCC 5.5.0
For that reason i can't build the latest version, well i just wanna the chdman and not whole source of mame because i must wait near 2 days ( 45 Hours ) for download the source code and i just want to use the latest version of the chdman, the gcc let me compile.

Anyway i want to make some feature request ( i don't know if already supported in the latest version, because i don't find documentation on mamedev site, about the current features of chd format ) in the CHD format

1 - Can be explored by a tool like PeaZip or something cli tool for know which files are contained inside the CHD file ?

2 - En los que son imágenes de CD, no se si esto este soportado o no, ya que la documentación del formato no existe, pero que en el CHD en Imagen de CD se puedan almacenar archivos :

2 - In the CHD CD-Image, can save files like :


"" or "Name".sbi -> Patch for some PlayStation games can be played without problems in some emulators (ePSXe, Pcsx ReArmed, DuckStation, RetroArch Cores, etc . . . )

File(s) for the auto-checksum integrity of contained files :
Name.sha1 -> i knew exist a method for make this.
Name.crc32 -> Adicional Opcional
Name.md5 -> Adicional Opcional

Without documentation how i can do which each format file and option, i don't know if this is already supported in the old version i am using, or if possible just use a raw chd image with all files i want, i don't find any example how make a raw chd file.

This structure is for make a feature request on another proyects like DuckStation to gather data directly from CHD for set Cover image or Disc Image the user set which want it to had all files inside of unique file.

3 - I knew the chd can store multiples bin files based on a cue file, but i don't have idea if possible put inside of chd a multi-disc game like for example " Final Fantasy " VII / VIII / IX ? and aditional optional store the sbi patch ?

well thanks for readme