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Re: Best Mame flavor for netplay right now

Stiletto wrote:
Sat May 01, 2021 8:03 pm
I am not sure any of us had researched it enough. I thought the server side was also open source, or planned to be. As says, "server coming soon". If that is a lie, then that is unfortunate, and we are left with yet another closed source implementation, if only partial. His original ClientServerMAME I had believed the server portion to have been open sourced... I assumed MAMEHub was merely a large update/namechange
Well perhaps I haven't researched it enough myself either, having become too cynical for my own good and drew possibly incorrect conclusions. I really should leave these sort of conclusions to the experts. But I'm not even sure that what's in that github repo matches what you download from [1] ; github mentions java and the download from [1] is a standard binary/executable ?

(and once you register and log in, download link points to :

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