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MAME scripty things!

Third-Party MAME Lua Plugins/Scripts - A List

All entries make use of MAME's Lua functionality via the plugin system:

(One or more of these may not function with newer MAME versions and require updates - your mileage may vary!)

Script -
Video -

Script -

Robotron-AI - Robotron 2084, Automated Gameplay in MAME
Script -
Video -
Video -

Hitbox Viewer for Warriors of Fate:

Street Fighter II hitbox viewer, etc.:
Comes with MAME Cheats:

Autotron (not published) - a neural network that can competently play Robotron: 2084:

Headkaze ShowCP plugin (CPWizard):

Headkaze simple Savestate plugin:,151810.msg1623419.html#msg1623419

Headkaze auto load save state plugin:,155063.msg1626548.html#msg1626548

Nibbler bot:

Track & Field bot:

Space Zap bot:

Hyper Sports bot:

MAME system shutdown plugin for Windows:

Arcademus - MAME plugin that helps to play arcade music on demand:

DKShooter - Donkey Kong Shooter - A Galaga themed plugin/hack for MAME:

DKCoach - DK Coach - A MAME plugin to assist with Donkey Kong gameplay:

DKLavaPanic - A MAME plugin version of DK Lava Panic:

DKWho - A MAME plugin version of DK Who and the Daleks:

DKChorus - A MAME plugin which replaces the DK samples and music with acapella sounds:

DKAFE - Donkey Kong Arcade Front End (uses MAME plugin to interface with MAME):

BletchMAME - MAME Frontend (uses MAME plugin to interface with MAME):

Defender directional movement plugin:

Defender 8-way control plugin:

Game Input Lag Tester (uses Lua to interface with MAME):,160722.0.html

Killer Instinct Attack Info:

MAMEToolkit - A Python toolkit used to train reinforcement learning algorithms against arcade games:
(note: requires modified MAME: )
(uses MAME plugin to to interface with MAME)

BinTracker - "A Chiptune Audio Workstation for the 21st Century" (uses MAME plugin to to interface with MAME):

4am's plugin to autocrack dumps with Passport (not published):

Tim Lindner's Timberbot:

Tim Lindner's CoCo Arkanoid cheat:

MAME Music Scripts - some music display scripts:

Contributions wanted :)
- Stiletto

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