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Compiling MAME and the output directory

Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2022 6:40 pm
by drakecaiman
I’ve recently started compiling MAME from GitHub and had a few questions about customizing the build process. I want it to “live” in a different directory then the repo clone and have run into a couple of snags:
  • Is there a way to specify which directory the executables will be created? I’ve tried using some of the gmake directory options (prefix, exec_prefix, etc.) and various combinations of working directories, -f, and -C. The closest I’ve gotten was setting TARGETDIR on the command, but that includes the static libraries as well. If it comes to it, I’ll just copy the results over after building, but I wanted to know if I missed something.
  • Is there a list of the directories in the source tree that are there for execution and those for compiling? I know some of the directories in the repo like bgfx and samples are for the actual MAME exec and some like src and scripts are for building. I think I have a pretty good idea about which are which, but again, just want to make sure.

Re: Compiling MAME and the output directory

Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2022 10:36 pm
by drakecaiman
Got my answer. I found the dist.mak file and am using it's output to release to get what I need, though it doesn't look like it copies over the plugins folder.