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E-mu samplers in Mame


I'm interested in the possibility of emulating the E-mu samplers in Mame.
I have a rack based E-mu e-synth.
I have the OS firmware, the schematics and IC list. The CPU should be an 68C020. ... uments.pdf

IC list:
G2.0-chip, Sound Engine IC402 2
H1.5-chip, Digital Filter IC413 4
Digital Audio Transmitter II367 1
Digital Audio Receiver II372 1
82078 Floppy Disk Controller II382 1
85C80 SCSI Controller II383 1
9x Active SCSI Terminator IL357 2
93C46 64 x 16 EEPROM IM400 1
68C020 25 MHz CPU IM405 1
128 x 8 SRAM ≤35nS IM407 8
MFP 68901 PLCC-52 IM408 1
1K x 9 FIFO, ≥40nS IM413 1
Programmed PLD - LMEM 6300 IP749 1
Programmed PLD - Sample 6300 IP751 1
Programmed PLD - ChipSel 6300/6400 IP860 1
74ACT138, 3 to 8 Demux IT426 3
K-Chip PLCC-68 IT433 1
74ACT244 Octal Buffer/Driver IT434 1
74ACT074 Dual Flip-Flop IT439 4
74HCT14 Hex Inverter IT440 2
74ACTQ04 Hex Inverter IT441 1
74ACT153 2 x 4 Multiplexer IT442 3
74ACT125 Quad Buffer IT443 1
74ACTQ16244 Buffer/Driver IT444 4
74ACTQ16245 Xceiver IT445 3
74ACTQ16374 Octal D Flip-Flop IT446 4
74ACT299 Shift Register IT447 1
74VHCT125 Quad Buffer

I have no previous experience with developing from Mame but I've been taking a look at the code...
Do you see some major issues with starting this work? Is anybody already working on it? It looks like there's quite a bit of work being done around digital synthesizers recently.

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Re: E-mu samplers in Mame

The emu2 and emu3 I believe are already in mame, but most likely not working (I'm sure you can check that out).

If yours is a different model you can write a drivier for it, or if it already exists you can add to it.

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