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SCV Star Speeder freezes ?

Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:41 am

Hi folks.
This is my first message on this forum and first of all I want to thank you for your hard hard work. :)
Now I want to ask about an issue that I have with the Super Cassette Vision driver: when I start the game "Star Speeder" from the list, it loads normally until the ship appears. After that it just freezes.
Could it be a driver bug or maybe bad dump ?


Nevermind. Got already an answer to this:

"Super Cassette Vision (svc) "Star Speeder" (starspdr) is supported="partial" - so it is not expected to work fully. When you start this from command-line or select via internal UI menus, you get a warning screen that you need to acknowledge.
Color Computer 3 - Robocop I don't believe has ever worked (tested back to 0.145 - the first version it was supported by softlist loading). I just needs to be flagged properly in the softlist to cover its state same with whatever other games might not be working."


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