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Forum rules

1) No discussion of the following is allowed:
- ROMS (posting, linking or requesting in any form). If you wish to contribute unemulated roms, please use mamedev.org's submission page.
- "Warez" or associated distribution of any type of commercial software.
- Coin Mechs (usage, setup, behavior or transfer of credits) regardless of true intent.
- Off-topic discussion. All discussion threads created should be related to MAME and emulation of all manner of machines. This is not a social site.
2) If you are requesting help, please keep those requests as simple and as focused on the actual problem as possible. Do not BUMP posts when something is not responded to quickly.
3) Respect and courtesy is expected from all forum users, posters and developers and moderators.
4) Avoid profanity or other verbal abuse, harassment, threats, intimidation, or any other type of behavior considered unsavory.
5) Post only in English, please.
6) Requests about making specific machine(s) or driver(s) more playable will likely be ignored or deleted.
7) MAMEDEV and its staff reserves the right to enforce common-sense and keep things orderly for everyone's benefit.
8) Failure to comply to rules stated may results in warnings, account suspension or in the worse cases complete banning and/or account deletion.

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