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Is Possible to disable some of the "Images" Buttons?

Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:21 am

Some Questions About the MAME Standard Interface...
In the last years I moved to the standard MAME GUI... and I think it's very reasonable today.
But I can't understand because (apparently) there is no option to disable some of the "Images" options...
I use only "Snaps" and "Flyers" options... but I still forced to exibhit the other options "Cabinets", Control Panels", "PCBs" ...
Why don't to include the option to customize the exibited "Images" fields?

Other question is related to auditing the ROMS...
Pressing F1 it spend hours testing every MAME ROM...
Is there the option to teste ONLY the found ROMS?

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Re: Is Possible to disable some of the "Images" Buttons?

Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:33 am

1. There's no option to disable certain image categories.

2. How's it going to know what roms are there without having to audit all of them? It doesn't keep a cache of found rom info.

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