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Flickering or Tearing with a specific game (twinspri)

Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:30 am


I really appreciate all the work that the mame team is doing, but this is something that is bothering me since long time ago (like since the version 0.144 aprox).

I really use mame for one game Twinkle Star Sprites (named twinspri in mame). Since I remember using mame (v0.144) I remember seeing flickering (or tearing) in this game. In that time I used an AMD Athlon x64 3.0 ghz double core machine. As I never managed to resolve the flickering, I buyed a dedicated graphics card (a simple and decent one, I think) a Nvidia GeForce 8400 (with 256 ram). The previously mentioned game presented flickering or tearing like this:


I put a red square around the graphic errors. The flickering (or tearing) appears when there is a lot of game objects in the screen, which could happen very often in game.

Recently I changed to a new AMD Ryzen 7 3.6 ghz 16-threads cpu. But with the same graphics card. I still can't find the correct configuration to avoid that flickering, because it happens in the new computer.

I'm not asking for a magical "fix", I'm asking if someone knows a good set of mame options that could fix the flickering/tearing in this game. The "wanted" behavior could be to slow down in these frames (better to slow down than the flickering).

Thanks for reading

(Edit) Forget to mention that I use Linux, 64 bit

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