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Silly filenames in software roms

MAME 0.218

I've noticed a few software rom filenames that have been giving me a little grief, doing various things.

Non ASCII - there are only 22, 7 of them are just European accents, the other 15 look like incorrect encoding.
Long - I'm classing long as > 180, only 5 of them with one being 228.
Forbidden - "what's my logic? (4am crack).dsk" has a question mark in it.

I can work round non ASCII (changing my cmd codepage on Windows) and long filenames (using \\?\C: on Windows).

And I know you can have question marks on other filesystems but I can't work round that on Windows. I've noticed it is distributed in ZIP with "?" replaced with "-".

Anyway my point is; Considering how few troublesome names there are, would it be worth outlawing non ASCII, long, and forbidden filesystem characters?

Sorry to be such a cry baby.

Attached is a list. (UTF8 with BOM)

2020-02-12-14-55-24-620_Silly Names_00_Table1.txt
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Re: Silly filenames in software roms

Thanks for this list, although it didn't say which software-list to look in.

2 of those had been noticed and fixed last week. I just fixed the spectrum and apple ones (thanks).

I agree with the long filenames, they are ridiculous, but they fall within the 256-byte limit I set for these things, so I'll leave them at this stage.

EDIT: vgm files are fixed.

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