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2nd Joystick configuration disappeared in MAME

I used version 0.214 of the mame emulator. In it I was able to configure both buttons for player 1 and player 2.
However, I updated the emulator to version 0.220.
When I went into the configuration options of some video games emulated by MAME I noticed the absence of the possibility to configure the 2nd control.
I remember very well having configured the 1st and 2nd joystick on these systems. But now they are gone.
Could someone explain to me why?
The attached photos I took for you to see that it is only possible to configure the buttons of the 1st player.
One of the systems is "FM TOWNS MARTY" and the other I think is "INTELEVISION"
20200506_111726.jpg (1.61 MiB) Viewed 94 times
20200506_135426.jpg (1.55 MiB) Viewed 94 times

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