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How to make default "The bezel project" in video options for all games?

After running a specific game in MAME, I press the tab key to enter video options, and select "The bezel project",
then this option is saved in the cfg file of the game in cfg folder like as following sentences (<video> target index=......).
But I want to apply this option to all games, so I edit default.cfg and insert following sentences,

<target index="0" view="The Bezel Project" />

Even if I insert these sentences, it will not be applied and will only be deleted automatically in "default.cfg" at next time.

I would like to know how to make all games automatically select "The bezel project" in video options.

I don't like "Asurax 16:9", which are selected by default, because the monitor bezels in the game are too large.

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