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Spy Hunter Sound Effects BAD on MAME

Hey guys, I have a now 7 year old thread on the KLOV Arcade Museum Forum, where I continue to get standoffish replies, which is understandable-ish, not much love over there for me or the game, and so am coming on here now to see if I can just get one person to agree with me, EVEN A LITTLE, that MAME sound effects in SPY HUNTER, my favorite game of which I own the cockpit machine of, are MESSED UP?

Not all of them are, and it seems as if some have improved, however it still sounds like dog you know what compared to the arcade, and my fear is that arcade 1UP is going to repro it like this all messed up. I've already heard it on some multi-cade machines like this.

I do have it in Confirmed status by the Mame Testers, but this is crazy that such a beloved and awesome game has been neglected for so many years, and just nobody seems to care... I don't care to play it due to this, which brings up another issue... the default controls in MAME make the game completely unplayable, which probably contributed to it not being fixed and more of a show piece instead of a game to actually play. But come on guys, almost every other big time game in MAME has perfect sound and play, why not this one?

I found a very simple way to make the game playable, which I went into detail in the other forum basically by reversing the analog control and using the up/down of the analog stick, which in earlier MAME versions could be the Z-axis of triggers on a controller.

Thanks guys, here are the links:

https://forums.arcade-museum.com/thread ... me.301051/
http://www.mameworld.info/ubbthreads/sh ... art=1&vc=1

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