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SNES software list


after a simple parsing of snes.xml i've found some things that might be serial number errors:

Japanese-like (SHVC) serial for European versions:
* SHVC-AIZP-EUR;Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings (Europe)
* SHVC-AJDP-EUR;Judge Dredd (Europe)
* SHVC-AGTP-EUR;Stargate (Europe)

Missing hypen:
* SNSP-ALKP FRA;The Lion King (Europe, alt)

Mistype of SHVC:
* SHCV-4V;Vortex (Japan)

I attached a picture (from ebay) of "Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings" cartridge and serial seems correct there (SNSP-AIZP-EUR), so these are probably errors in the snes.xml. Do the snes.xml maintainers read this forum? I'd like them to know about this.

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